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 SoulTalk December 2010

Director's Teapot

When we read a book or a story, we tend to admire or despise certain characters in the story. Reviewing the account of the birth of Jesus Christ as recorded in the Bible, we also see that the Christmas story was participated by many personalities. Which one is your favorite? I have more than one favorite; in this issue, I would like to focus on one - the shepherds.

In Jesus' time, the shepherds were a despised not so much so that they were reputed to be rogues and petty thieves, ceremonially unclean and therefore unfit to worship in the temple. They were good for nothing except to become night watchmen. BUT, it is to this group of people considered by society as "outcasts," that God chose to bring the announcement of the birth of His Son. Why? I believe that God usually reveals himself to the humble, the meek and lowly; to those who are most open to their own sins and need for forgiveness. Such were the shepherds - and they responded in faith and obedience. They ran in haste to find the Christ child; when they found him, they worshiped Him. Then they hurriedly went to spread the good news to everyone. After this account, we read nothing about the shepherds again. Obviously, something happened to them when they saw the Christ child. What was it? The Bible is silent but one thing is clear - they were empowered and motivated to tell others about their experience. They forgot their lowly positions and limitations imposed upon them by society. It was a breakthrough! I believe that these shepherds were never the same again - not in the sense that they became instant millionaires or that their social status is changed. Rather, their lives were transformed. That is what Christmas is all about - we are never the same again when we have met the Christ child. Moreover, it is good news that needs to be shared immediately to everyone; it is so good that it has to be told again and again.

1) For December 13-16 please observe the following schedule: Nursery 1 pupils (9:00 - 10:30 am); Nursery 2 (8:30 - 10:45 am); Kinder 1 (7:45 - 11:00 am); and Kinder 2 (7:45 - 11:15 am).

2) For Level 2: NO afternoon classes starting on December 13 through December 16. Dismissal time is 11:30 am from December 13-16.

3) For Level 3: NO afternoon classes starting on December 13 through December 16. Dismissal time is 12:00 noon from December 13-16.

4) The school is closed from December 23, 2010 to January 2, 2011.

 SoulTalk November 2010

Director's Teapot

Every 4th Thursday of November in many American homes, has historical beginnings that date back to the time when the Pilgrims first set foot on land after having been on seas for many months. While it was not institutionalized as such until President Lincoln's time, it started as a time of rejoicing; a time of celebration for a plentiful harvest. It was a time to remember God's faithful provisions and 24/7 protection.

Sometime ago, someone sent me through email an article that I find to be an eye-opener and very uplifting. The article certainly is a good reminder during the month of thanksgiving...

* If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep, you are richer than 75% of the people in the world.

* If you can attend church meeting without fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are more blessed than 3 billion people in the world.

* If you have never experienced the danger of battle, loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are more blessed than 500 million people in the world.

* If you have money in the back, in your wallet and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world's wealthy people.

* If you wake up this morning with more health than illness, you are more blessed than the one million who will not survive this week.


Character Emphasis for November

Orderliness is defined as arranging myself and my surroundings to achieve greater efficiency. CLUTTER is the enemy of order. Clutter is what we would never remember having if our houses burned down. To practice orderliness at home or in school I will...

* Pick up after myself.
* Keep my work and play areas clean and neat.
* Put things back where they belong.
* Use things only for their intended purposes.
* Return lost things to their rightful owners.

2nd Formal Survey Visit
Five years ago, November 14-18, 2005 (to be exact), we submitted ourselves to what is called a "voluntary accreditation." This is an academic exercise to have a third party (an accrediting agency) evaluate our programs (preschool, elementary, secondary). This exercise includes very tedious preparations and entailed a lot of detailed documentations. As a result of that visit, the three programs evaluated were given very satisfactory ratings so much so that the Federations of Accrediting Agency (FAAP) granted us a five-year Level II accreditation status. This was something so unexpected and we praise God for all that was accomplished. We give back all glory to God!

The 5-year period is almost over; hence, we are again preparing for another visit. We are tensed and in fact, already stressed out with all the preparations that we have to do. We certainly need your prayers. By God's grace, we will be sustained and be encouraged to serve on and serve well... this is for God and God alone! Pray for us...

Character Emphasis for October

Truthfulness is communicating by life and word that which is genuine and accurate. To practice truthfulness, I will...

* Tell the truth.
* Encourage others to be truthful.
* Not cheat or steal.
* Admit when I am wrong.
* Not exaggerate to make things seem different from what they are.

 SoulTalk September 2010

Director's Teapot


September is here! We will soon be celebrating Teachers' Day. Once again, we will have the opportunity to express our appreciation to the teachers. Teachers may not possess any material wealth, but they have wealth untold - an inheritance that is beyond numbers, a legacy that does not end even after they retire... I consider my teachers the gems of the school. Like any gemstone, teachers undergo a lot of training and hardships, pressure and tension. But after a period of time, they become purer than the purest gold, more refined than silver, and more valuable than diamonds.

Teachers are today's unsung heroes but tomorrow's gemstone. Like any gemstone which is durable enough to be enjoyed for generations, teachers are here to stay despite the invasion of technology in the classrooms. Teachers will continue to provide the personal touch, challenge the minds, inspire lives and shape destinies.

PCGS teachers are gemstones of many colors and various sizes; each one personally crafted and uniquely cut by their Maker; desired by all for their beauty, durability and value.

Thank you Jesus for our teachers!

Character Trait Emphasis for September

Gratefulness is defined as letting others know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life. To do this, I will...

* Show my parents and teachers that I appreciate them.
* Write "thank you" notes.
* Take care of my things.
* Be content with what I have.
* Count my benefits rather than my burdens.

Important Advisory
In view of the dengue alert in the city of Cebu, the school has decided to allow female students to wear WHITE, KNEE-HIGH SOCKS or STOCKINGS (not panty-hose) to school. Preschool boys may also wear white knee-high socks with their blue shorts.

Dengue Awareness
Last August 24, a preschool parent and biologist by profession, Dr. Milagros Mahilum Greif, gave a very informative talk regarding the deadly dengue. Dengue is a flu-like illness caused by the bite of an infected mosquito (Aedes aegypti). The Aedes aegypti is a day-biting mosquito that feed on humans from 6:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Also, it lays its eggs in clean stagnant water. As a preventive measure, it is therefore imperative that we do the following:

* Eliminate mosquito breeding places around the house.
* Discard items that collect rain (water containers/drum) or run-off water, especially old tires.
* Regularly change the water in vases, outdoor pet and animal water containers.

Dr. Greif also mentioned that growing certain plants in our backyards or garden may help drive away the Aedes aegypti. These plants are: Citronella, Lemon Grass, Neem tree, Eucalyptus and Oregano. Eating apples may also help increase the person's antibodies against the virus when already infected.

Stay Healthy...Be Well.

 SoulTalk August 2010

Director's Teapot

Last month, we celebrated two important events - Christ Emphasis and Nutrition. These two events are somewhat connected. During Christ Emphasis, we focused on taking care of our souls or spirits. Nutrition month focused on taking care of our bodies. Both are important if we want to grow or mature. In an ungodly world, we are challenged to live godly lives; in a world that promotes self-indulgence and instant gratification, we are called to exercise self-control in all areas of our lives including our eating habits. Godly lives are not born overnight; rather, they are borne in the fiery furnace, in stormy seas, in icy cold mountains, in the arid deserts or the wild wilderness. It is a daily struggle against the "unpopular and uncompromising stand" for truth and righteousness. But with determination and discipline, we will succeed. Then, we shall become a "vessel fit for the Master's use."

Character Trait Emphasis for August

To show obedience, I will...

* Follow the instructions of my authorities immediately.
* Have a cheerful attitude.
* Complete all that I am expected to do.
* Not complain.
* Go the "extra mile."

Important Reminders
- Label ALL of your child's belongings (notebooks, books, caps, jugs, shirts, towels, etc.)

- Bring in your child's lunch on time (Elem- 11:30 a.m.; HS - 12:00); DO NOT include soda or softdrinks in your child's lunch.

- Giving gift(s) to any school employee is not allowed.

Know your Class Parent Representatives SY 2010-2011


* N1 Cherry - Ms. Rhenelyn Queen P. Dadulo; Ms. Ellen Tan
* N2 Orange - Ms. Catherine D. Curato; Ms Milagros M. Greif
* N2 Apple - Ms. Cherry Ann G. Dy; Ms. Jehan Marie M. Ang
* K1 Mango - Ms. Julie S. Tio; Ms. Irene S. Wan
* K1 Banana - Ms. Christiane Ruth D. Bracamonte; Ms. Gwenilyn C. Ong
* K2 Pineapple - Ms. Jeanette G. Borromeo; Ms. Joy Leah S. Go
* K2 Grapes - Ms. Geraldine B. Ayo; Ms. Melodee N. Sy


* Gr 1 Hazel - Ms. Maricris L. Wu; Ms Carmila Carla P. Tan
* Gr 1 Pine - Ms. Emily S. Ong; Ms Marissa Y. Yap
* Gr 2 Cedar - Mr. Gilbert Y. Dee; Ms. Susan L. Uy
* Gr 2 Olive - Ptr. Noel S. Centino; Ms. Chun Nei W. Kaw
* Gr 3 Almond - Ms. Ma Socorro P. Du; Ms. Rowena B. Lim Chu
* Gr 3 Palm - Ms. Rose U. Chua; Ms. Desiree Ann Paroan
* Gr 4 Chestnut - Ms. Tricia G. Valencia; Ms. Cleofe S. Dai
* Gr 4 Fig - Ms. Margarita C. Lim; Ms. Julie S. Tio
* Gr 5 Cypress - Mr. Nelson P. Roa; Ms. Asuncion Dy Buco
* Gr 5 Sycamore - Ms. Lucia J. Gonzaga; Ms. Jinky Lynn A. Lim
* Gr 6 Mulberry - Mr. Emmanuel G. Somosa; Ms. Elsa Demata
* Gr 6 Myrtle - Ms. Adeleen T. Chan; Ms. Annielisa M. Ferenal

High School:

* H1 Faith - Ms. Nora Sia; Mr. Rey Arago
* H1 Hope - Ms. Pearl Ruby; Ms. Arlyn Maningo
* H2 Joy & Peace - Ms. Adeleen Chan; Ms. Rebecca Lim
* H3 Courage - Ms. Annielisa Ferenal
* H3 Victory - Ms. Jacqueline Lim; Ms. Evelyn Antigua
* H4 Loyalty - Ms. Belinda Abrenilla; Ms. Annie Go
* H4 Wisdom - Ms. Amelia Que; Ms. Maita Manglapus

Reminders for Female Students
Complete uniform for females (Elementary & High School) includes the school tie and white socks. Please refrain from accessorizing the hair too much. Coloring the hair and nails are not allowed.
Principle: Simplicity is beauty.

Reminders for Male Students
Male students are not allowed to color their hair, to grow sideburns or mustache. Hair should not touch the ears or collar; bald and semi-bald are also not allowed.

 SoulTalk July 2010

Director's Teapot

The character trait emphasis for June and July is ATTENTIVENESS. According to medical science, the ear is one of the first organs to develop in the womb; and hearing is one of the last senses to cease as death approaches. The Latin root of attentiveness is attendere, meaning "to stretch", as a horse turns its ears forward. A horse indicates its attentiveness by the position of its ears. But attentiveness involves more than just listening with the ears "it involves a listening heart." When Solomon was invited by God to make any request, Solomon asked for an understanding heart. The Hebrew word translated understanding can also be rendered hearing. In other words, Solomon was asking for a "hearing heart." His request pleased God. Attentiveness pleases God especially when we give all ears to His voice by listening intently whenever His Word is preached.

Things Banned in School

* Cell Phones (Preschool and Elementary)
* Toys (unless it is required for a class activity)
* Electronic gadgets
* Excessive jewelry or accessories
* Sharp bladed tools
* Matches and other fire-producing gadgets
* Balls (all kinds, unless required by the PE class)
* Pornographic materials
* Gum

Principle: Bring only what is essential for class. The lesser the distraction, the better it is for your child.

Things to Bring Every School Day

* School Diary
* School ID
* School materials (books, notebooks, paper & pen)
* Water jug

Principle: If you have been faithful with a few things, God will put you in charge of many things.

Who's Who in PCGS? To Whom Do I Go?
Tel. Nos. 254-6815 / 254-6817 / 254-3223

* Director - Dr. Wanda Po Liam Giok (Loc. 121)
* Business Manager - Mrs. Hazel Timosa (Loc. 130)
* Preschool Coordinator - Mrs. Stephanie Wong (Loc. 115)
* Elementary Coordinator - Ms. Beverly Concepcion (Loc. 134)
* High School Coordinator - Mrs. Raquel Barril (Loc. 119)
* Registrar - Mrs. Joyceline Batoctoy (Loc. 129)
* School Nurse - Ms. Shebamyrrh Alda (Loc. 126)
* Alumni Center - Mrs. Kiam Li (Loc. 127)