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Upcoming Holidays
August 6(Sa) - Cebu Province Day
August 21(Su) - Ninoy Aquino Day
August 29(M) - National Heroes Day
September 9(F) - Osmeña Day
»Report Cards will be given to your child on Wednesday, August 31. Please claim it from your child.
» After examining the card, if you wish to discuss the results with any teacher, please fill out the form inserted with the card, requesting for a conference
» The parent-teacher conference is scheduled on SEPTEMBER 3, Saturday in the GYM
»We will abide by the policy of NO REQUEST FORM, NO CONFERENCE
» Kindly observe strictly your appointment for conference to avoid any inconveniences. NO SHOW at your appointed time, NO CONFERENCE.
» A rebooking may be requested upon the availability of the teacher concerned
SoulTalk April 2,2016 Director's Teapot
SoulTalk November 04, 2013 Schedule of Make-up Classes




 Message from Directress

Dear Kian Keenians,
Welcome to the homepage of our alumni website! It has been awhile since I greeted you. By God’s grace, the school has experienced a steady growth in student population. Today, there are 783 enrollees from toddler (age 2.5) to Grade 11. Grade 11 is the newest addition to the secondary curriculum as mandated by the Department of Education. A student is considered a high school graduate only after finishing Grade 11 & 12, or senior high school. Both the school and students are adjusting to this addition. It is our goal to strengthen the school relationship with all alumni. With the advancement in technology, the task of connecting with alumni has been made so much easier than in the past. However this is still a challenge to our alumni admin officer who can devote only a few hours during the week to attend to alumni affairs. Anyways, we will make an effort to do this despite the limitation. At your end, it will be very much appreciated if you would share photos, news and updates about yourself and other Kian Keenians, especially achievements or recognitions in any field of endeavor. We would like to rejoice and celebrate with you; also, the school certainly would like to know how you are doing and how we can pray for you. Please feel free to offer any suggestions that you think may improve our relationship with you. Finally, the last time that the alumni officers met, it was already decided that a Grand Alumni Homecoming in connection with the school’s 70th anniversary will be held on February 10, 2018. Please block off this date. Let’s get together with other Kian Keenians and celebrate the goodness and faithfulness of our God Almighty. We are family; let’s come home to our Alma Mater, to the family of friendships.

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