About PCGS

Welcome to Philippine Christian Gospel School (PCGS) or Kian Kee (her Chinese name). Our school is a tale that spans over half a century. It is a story of overcoming obstacles and the triumph of a vision.

PCGS, standing proudly on an 8,321 square meter lot, situated at the heart of Cebu City, is a product of the concerted action of members of the Cebu Gospel Church.

Since opening its doors in 1948, Kian Kee has graduated countless thousands of Filipino Chinese students. Raised on a strict regimen of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical development, many have already attained success in life.

Today, PCGS rides strongly on wings of change, committed even more firmly on achieving its goals toward holistic education, for the new generation of Filipino-Chinese students. New sparkling buildings and a rapidly improving roster of professional educators, adapting to present technology are but a few testaments to the dedication of the School Board, Administrators and Faculty.


A Christ-centered learning institution that produces students who excel in character and wisdom, and in favor with God and all the people.


A Filipino-Chinese school providing holistic quality education based on Christ's teachings in order to develop students who will devote their lives to serve humanity for the Glory of God.


Originally, on our campus there existed two schools and one church building, namely: KianKee, the Cebu Institute, and the Cebu Gospel Church. This was way back in 1948. Sometime later, men with vision contemplated the possibility of merging the two schools.

Such a dream became a reality in 1964 when Kian Kee and the Cebu Institute (CI) merged to form what was then called Cebu Christian School (CCS). Members of the Cebu Gospel Church moved to their new site at the Osmeña Boulevard in 1965. In 1982, another changed took place.

A new institution, the Philippine Christian Gospel School (PCGS), began operating the school. Members of the School Board are members of Cebu Gospel Church.

Board of Trustees

  • Mr. Justin John C. Go
  • Mr. David Johnson Y. Tan
  • Mrs. Lili L. Gothong
  • Mr. James Alekhine Y. Tan
  • Mrs. Mona C. Li
  • Mrs. Julie S. Tio
  • Mr. Daniel O. Ong
  • Mr. Gabriel Yap Jr.
  • Mrs. Nixon S. Po
  • Mr. Tony U. Yap
  • Mr. Frank L. Sy